Thursday, September 18, 2014

JellyBeadz - Sensory Table Fun!

Have you seen JellyBeadz yet?  They are so cool!  I ordered some from Amazon last week and played with them at home with my four year old.  I'm planning on bringing some to school soon for the sensory table, I think that my students will love them!
They start out really small, a little bit goes a long way!  We put a few tablespoons in a large, clear, plastic tub filled with water.

We got out the squirters to help them along!  They're slowly absorbing the water and getting bigger!

Then your little brother notices what's going on and joins in! 

Pretty soon your big sister gets off the bus and plays for a little bit.  Then she remembers that a friend at school gave her a lollipop, so she runs up to her room to hide and eat it in peace. 

Time for the potato masher, they're getting even bigger now!

Pushing through the potato masher is fun, we scooped them up and counted for a long time!
By the end of the night, the JellyBeadz were the size of marble!  We've been playing with the same batch for about a week, and they're still in excellent shape.  Have you used JellyBeadz in your classroom?  I'll love to hear some ideas!   

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