Sunday, February 2, 2014

SNOW WEEK in PreK and Kindergarten!

Click HERE to check it out!
It's cold here in New York!  Perfect time for SNOW WEEK in my classroom.  I've just uploaded this file to TpT, everything that you need to have fun with snow!  Check it out for math, literacy and craft activities, and it's on SALE!  Lots of my favorite sellers are participating in a Super Bowl sale, I need to go shopping! 

What's your favorite SNOW activity to do in your class?  My kids love it when I put real snow in our sensory table.  I fill up cups with colored water and let the students use eye droppers to squirt the colors into the snow.  No snow?  Have you checked out INSTA-SNOW!  So much fun!


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  1. Hi Karry, I really have been enjoying your blog posts & products! I am a Pre-K teacher and I have nominated you for the Liebster Award for new blogs! If you are interested in accepting, please head over to my blog for the guidelines. I look forward to following your future posts!

    I is for Inspire


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