Thursday, May 22, 2014

Planting Week in PreK and Kindergarten

Wow! This blogging thing is hard, I really give a lot of credit to teachers who are able to keep up with it! Now that school is winding down I'm hoping spend some time updating my materials, visiting blogs for fun ideas, and working on my blog! 

We still have about a month left in school, but we're definitely preparing for the end of the year. One of my favorite spring activities to do with the little ones is planting! It's so fun to when the kids come to school in the morning to discover seedlings in their little cup! I like to plant marigold or zinnias, they are normally pretty dependable and quick. I came up with lots of fun activities to do with my kids this year, and just listed a new unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Check it out here!

A whole week's (or more) worth of materials!

This leaf counting activity was so fun, my students loved rolling the dice to determine how many leaves to add to their flower!

I'm giving away a few copies of this unit, would be lots of fun for a summer class or camp, too! Enter below or find it at my shop and I'll email it to a few winners this weekend! 


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